Tolerance Stack Up – Public Course

The training course will take place in Binyamina on 11,18 and 25 of February , 2020

There are three sessions from 9 AM to 5 PM

Training tuition is 3,200 NIS + VAT

Companies that send two or more participants earn a 10% discount

A certificate of participation certified by TES-RnD  will be issued to all participants who fulfill the course requirements

The training course requires a minimum of 10 participants

Course Description

This is an advanced GD&T course. Tolerance stack analysis is actually the study of the mutual relationship between the allowed deviation limits between parts and assemblies. Stack computation improves understanding of the design solution, allows early identification of problems starting while still in the design stage, forms the basis for decision making and is used to optimize tolerances to reduce costs and enhance benefit.

The course provides the theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to perform stack computation and includes heavy practical exercises of generic problems, exercise and full solution of real problems (the possibility of applying exercises to parts and assemblies of your company is contingent on previous submission of drawings and assemblies).

The course is 24 hours long.

Course Content

  • Introduction and tolerance-stack computation definitions
  • Principles and rules of stack computation
  • Tolerance diagram
  • Tolerance stack – casting and concentricity (part, assembly)
  • Tolerance stack – profile (part, assembly)
  • Tolerance stack – position
  • Tolerance stack – position with material conditions – bonus and shift (part, assembly)
  • Tolerance stack – form (Feature, FOS, Feature-of-Size)
  • Tolerance stack – orientation (Feature, FOS)
  • Integrated tolerance stack computation (part, assembly)
  • Application of tolerance stack computation to tolerance optimization
  • Summary practical exercise


  • Knowledge of and experience in reading technical (engineering) drawings
  • Completion of the course “Fundamentals of Geometric Tolerances”

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