Figure 1

Angularity does not Locate
The Top Plate, in the caster wheel assembly (Figure 1) locates & Orients the two axle supports.
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Tolerance Analysis

There are no perfect parts. Accumulation of tolerances in assemblies can cause fit and function problems, rejection, rework/repair, unnecessary costs, and schedule delays.
Tolerance Analysis is a tool that allows examination of design before transferring to production, optimization of tolerances, and verification of production and assembly processes.

TES-RnD is the exclusive distributor of Tolerance Analysis software in Israel


Consulting Services:

  • Focus on the functional specifications to formulate and document the prescribed geometrical tolerances
  • Resolving Drawing interpretation issus
  • Tolerance Stacks and Analysis
  • Integration of GD&T technology into all organizational divisions

Among our clients

“Gili Omri, a recognized and experienced trainer with total mastery of the subject matter, succeeds in pointedly and interestingly delivering the material while using real exercises and utilizing up-to-date didactic tools. I recommend that any organization engaged in mechanical development complete a training program of this type.”
Yossi Bar El, Mechanical Engineering Manager, R&DWest Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

G. Omri Senior Level GDTP Certification

G. Omri
Senior Level GDTP Certification

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A recognized A-level quality supplier to the Ministry of Defense
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Fully qualified for the ISO 9001-2015 standard
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